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Galektro GmbH is a fictitious company. As a traditional medium-sized company with production and trading expertise, it exemplifies the challenges that many companies currently face when developing and implementing an optimal digitalization strategy.

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Galektro GmbH develops, produces and sells high-quality garden tools for professional and private use. Founded in 1877 by Hubert Maier, the family business initially specialized in rudimentary agricultural machinery that farmers either used by hand or harnessed behind cows or horses - from scythes and ploughs to rollers and the like. At the time of the economic miracle at the end of the 1950s, Peter Maier, grandson of the founder, recognized the new prosperity as an opportunity and radically changed the direction of the family business.

Since then, under the name Galektro, the company has been developing and producing electrical appliances tailored to the needs of gardening businesses and homeowners, such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws, motor hoes, brushcutters, lawnmowers and, most recently, robotic mowers. In addition to its headquarters in Munich, Galektro operates 22 sales branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as three production facilities in Brandenburg, Poland and the Czech Republic. Galektro employs around 800 people across Europe.

The initial situation

Today, the company sells its products primarily through DIY stores, a constantly growing network of (international) distribution partners and its online store. In addition to various own-brand appliances, external brands from selected third-party suppliers are also available there. For sales in Switzerland, there are national versions in French and Italian. The connected spare parts store, which is also multilingual, provides professional gardeners and hobby gardeners with everything they need to maintain and repair their appliances. Customers and interested parties can also find the right contact person for a specific issue, including all relevant contact information. There are also various portals: Galektro manages its supply chain in the supplier portal, sales-relevant information and documents are available in the field service portal, and both end customers and distribution partners can obtain various support services via the service portal.

Last but not least, Galektro operates a corporate website where interested parties can find information about the company: from its history and relevant press releases to current annual and sustainability reports, a careers section and much more.

Problem definition

In terms of systems, Galektro has a correspondingly broad base. The company uses a wide variety of systems that meet the specific needs of each division: from marketing, sales and field service, after sales and customer service to product and partner management, controlling and human resources. However, the IT system landscape that has grown over time is very heterogeneous.

The data - from customer and partner-specific information and product data to marketing, sales and service-relevant information - is distributed across different systems and locations and is therefore neither uniform nor centrally available. As a result, those responsible at head office have no overview of which source systems exist, where they are used and how, which data is stored in them, which target systems they are linked to and whether it is even possible to provide data at different touchpoints as required. Company-wide data management is correspondingly inefficient and costly.

The solution

In a comprehensive series of white papers, we describe the challenges and individual steps on Galektro's path to an optimal digital experience. All whitepapers are available to download free of charge.

The path to the optimal digital experience

About the white paper

The white paper describes the procedure for digitizing all business areas and also serves as a guide. Which area or process should you start with and how should it be implemented? The selection of providers is also discussed, taking into account various aspects such as data protection and possible subsidies.

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Customer Experience

About the whitepaper

This white paper is all about the success factor of digital customer experience and how you can manage it professionally. What points do you need to consider in your CX strategy? And how can it be optimally implemented to offer your customers the best possible customer experience?

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Online marketing

About the whitepaper

Would you like to know how to build a sustainable online marketing strategy? Then you should take a closer look at this white paper. Among other things, you will learn which requirements must be met for successful digital marketing and which systems are actually needed for this.

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Graphic: PDF Preview Whitepaper Digital Commerce

Digital commerce

About the whitepaper

How can you professionalize e-commerce? Our experts have compiled everything you need to know from their decades of experience. In this white paper, we show you the eleven most important success factors for your online business in B2C and B2B.

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Customer service

About the whitepaper

This white paper reveals how you can take your customer service to the next level and create positive customer experiences. We also give you tips on the right tools, systems and the most relevant channels to meet the rising expectations of your customers.

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Graphic: Cover page Whitepaper Data and Analytics

Data analytics

About the whitepaper

In this white paper you will learn how to manage your data efficiently and profitably. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply collect data, but to get more out of it and network systems with each other. This is because products and services are increasingly being made available via digital platforms and services.

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