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UX agency

As a UX agency, we support your company in creating optimal user experiences. The user experience (UX) has a decisive influence on the success of your product or service - a user-friendly design of your applications plays a central role.

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First-class UX design for your applications

We create an excellent user experience for our customer projects in the B2B and B2C sectors. The result: your customers experience your product or service as something special before, during and after use. We rely on state-of-the-art tools such as Balsamiq, Figma or Adobe XD and the human-centered design process - this is how we develop your new UX design step by step together with you.

Our services

  • Customized workshops and implementation of user tests
  • Development of mockups and functional prototypes
  • Development of optimal user interfaces that focus on people

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Illustration: 3 Menschen stehen vor einem überdimensionierten Handy und diskutieren über das Interface

This is why the design of your web applications is important

In times when products are often interchangeable, the customer experience becomes a unique selling point. If you continuously inspire your customers, you increase the chance that they will become brand ambassadors and recommend you to others. UX design is an elementary component of this customer experience, as it has a direct impact on the user-friendliness of your web applications.

Three advantages of a successful UX design

  1. Cost reduction: With well thought-out UX consulting, you save costs in the long term by identifying potential problems and malfunctions at an early stage. Avoiding errors and improving the user experience helps to minimize costly rework.
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty: If your product offers a positive user experience, this leads to higher customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products to others and use them repeatedly, which ultimately leads to greater customer loyalty and increased sales.
  3. Competitiveness: In a market where similar products and services compete with each other, superior UX design can make all the difference. A smooth and engaging user experience sets you apart from your competitors and can give you a competitive edge.

These companies rely on our UX design

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Our work as a UX agency in practice

Curious about how UX optimizations work in reality? We'll show you three practical examples from our day-to-day work:

Illustration: Einkaufswagen auf einem liegenden Handy, um den Wagen herum liegen Symbole für Rabatt, Einkaufswagen, Geschenk

Example 1:

Improving the usability of a store ordering process: In this project, the aim was to increase user-friendliness by allowing customers to send items as gifts to different recipients. For example: A customer has placed product "A" five times in the shopping cart and would like to send it to five different recipients. The different recipient addresses must be entered during the ordering process. The aim was to guide the user through this process in just a few steps.

Illustration: 3D Darstellung verschiedener Symbole einer Programmiersprache

Example 2:

Optimizing the backend of a multi-domain system such as TYPO3 is also part of the user experience. In this case, the focus was on the user experience for all editors using the system. The challenge was to make the user interface and operation of the system uniform and user-friendly.

Illustration: verschiedene Icons, Diagramme und mobile Geräte

Example 3:

Creating a low-barrier customer account: This project aimed to standardize the interaction design and develop a style guide and pattern labs to enable positive and negative feedback after the user has entered data. In addition, the editing processes, such as resetting login data, were to be standardized.

Would you like to know how UX optimization can be implemented in your own project? Don't hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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Our approach at a glance

In our work on customer projects, we rely on close cooperation with a dedicated personal contact person - so web applications can be adapted to suit requirements and ideas can be outlined and tested.


Analysis of the current situation and coordination of the wishes and goals of all parties involved. The goal: a roadmap that brings all requirements down to a common denominator.


Conception with wireframes and prototypes
Usability engineering with tools such as Balsamiq Mockups and Figma. This is where the interaction design and action sequences are defined and made tangible.


Development of optimal user interfaces
The final UI design is developed. We always focus on people as users of the application (human-centered design process).

Tip: Pay attention to accessibility and inclusion in your UX design! A well-thought-out UX design takes into account the needs of all users, including people with disabilities. Accessible design therefore not only improves the user experience, but also expands your company's potential target group.

Realize your UX project with atlantis dx!

Successful UX consulting always starts with a thorough analysis of the target group and their needs. By understanding the user perspective, you can tailor your services to the needs and wishes of your customers. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. We look forward to finding out more about your project!

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FAQ about UX design agency

User experience (UX) refers to the interaction between the user and a product or service. User experience design therefore takes into account all elements that influence this experience. This also includes usage scenarios and the information architecture of the application.

UI design (user interface design) is concerned with the visual design of the user interface of an interactive application. The aim is to help users understand and interpret the content and functions - the application should be intuitive to use.

UI and UX design cannot be considered completely separate from each other, but they pursue different goals. UX design aims to provide the user with a positive overall experience. UI design, on the other hand, focuses on the visual design of an interactive application. UI design is therefore practically a part of UX design.