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Here you can see an excerpt of our projects that we have implemented together with our customers. Please contact us for further information.

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Implementation of middleware and CRM system

Hermann Hartje KG is one of the industry's leading companies in the fields of bicycles and bicycle parts, car parts and motorized two-wheelers.

atlantis dx designed a middleware solution and implemented it on the basis of Talend. Middleware allows all business-relevant systems to be linked and data management to be fundamentally optimized. The additionally introduced Sugar CRM system has helped to make sales, service and IT processes more efficient.

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Implementation of Tableau and ongoing support

With its innovative solutions for combustion and consumption optimization, emission reduction, stabilization and deposit avoidance, ERC Additiv GmbH is one of the pioneers in the additive market and the technological development of the industry.

atlantis dx implemented Tableau and is a service provider in the areas of consulting, real-time analyses, dashboard creation, ongoing support and employee training.

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antares pharmacy

Introduction of data warehouse and CRM solution

antares-apotheke Pharma Service has set itself the task of providing its customers with the highest level of quality care, support and advice.

atlantis dx introduced a CRM solution based on Sugar. The aim was to provide antares apotheke's sales staff with all the information relevant to their work at a glance. In addition to Sugar, we also introduced Talend as a data warehouse and Tableau as an analytics solution. Traditional Excel reporting was replaced and the mobile availability of analyses was made possible.