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Bauer Media Group

Online store platform for subscription store with Magento 2


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Bauer Media Group is a multi-business company that entertains, informs and serves over 200 million people. Now in its 5th generation of family ownership, the company is focused on its customers and long-term success. Its four divisions - Publishing, Audio, Online Comparison Platforms and SME Services - operate in 13 countries.


The Bauer Media Group commissioned atlantis dx to create an online store for the sale of magazine subscriptions based on a standard store system.
The online store should enable the customer to select a magazine subscription with a matching premium or a matching magazine subscription for a desired premium. Both paper magazines and subscriptions to e-paper editions can be ordered.

Solution approach

First, the requirements for the online store and its integration into the Bauer system landscape were analyzed in a conceptual phase. Various store systems were considered and Magento 2 was selected as the store system.


Magento provided a perfect basis in the standard functional scope. In addition, the extensive special requirements of the Bauer Media Group for the subscription store could be implemented very well individually due to the excellent expandability of Magento.


The store layout was individually designed by the Bauer Media Group based on the Magento 2 standard template and adapted to the existing design of the existing subscription store. This layout was implemented responsively for the mobile version.

Subscription function

As a special functionality, atlantis dx developed a separate type of product that serves as a bracket between the possible combinations of magazines and associated premiums. After selecting a magazine, customers can see which rewards are available to them when they take out a subscription. Alternatively, the customer first selects a desired reward and then a suitable magazine subscription for which the reward has been offered. Customers then go through the checkout process.

Further functions (excerpt)

  • Customized search via Elastic Search
  • Customized template based on the Magento standard template, individually tailored to the Bauer Media Group
  • Highly customized, individual checkout, taking into account various subscription constellations with regard to the customer and the recipient of the actual subscription
  • Adaptations for multi-server operation
  • Customer data management via interfaces to SAP
  • Programming of extensive interfaces to SAP (import of products and images, export of orders)
  • Customized payment interface to payment provider Computop for processing subscription orders
  • Modular system for creating individual landing pages for special offers with countdown function


Bildmontage: Tablet im Hochformat mit einer Zeitschrift als E-Paper

The launch of the online store developed in this project was a complete success. The advantages of Magento 2 as a basis were convincing in the extensive customization of the online store.
The technologically solid basic system, with a wide range of extensions for the display and selection of magazines and premiums, the flexible offer function with countdown and the creation of various interfaces for the automated processing of subscription orders offer the Bauer Media Group exactly the range of functions that form the basis for the future subscription e-commerce business.

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