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Mounting: Front view of monitor with open online store


Simplifying processes: Catering store for clinics based on Shopware

Laptop with open online store


KGE needed a closed B2B online store system with an upstream login. Users should be able to log in to the protected area via their cost center and with a password and use the online store for their ordering process.

KGE employees needed to be able to update, delete or add items to the online store independently. It was also important to be able to output the orders placed in a form that makes it easy for KGE's service staff to pack and deliver the requested items.


For the technical basis, the customer opted for the Shopware online store system, which is considered one of the best on the market and is particularly forward-looking in the B2B sector. Shopware stands for intuitive operation and state-of-the-art technology and can be individually customized. The store solution, which is already equipped with many large and small features in the standard version, is highly scalable, extremely flexible and offers operators complete freedom in the independent design of their offer.


Front view of monitor with open online store

The ordering process has been greatly simplified for both KGE and its customers, saving time and reducing costs. The ward staff at Altona Children's Hospital can now log into the Shopware store with their cost center and password and conveniently place all orders online. From this, an automatic document is generated at the KGE, which enables the packers to quickly and completely compile the shipments in the order of delivery. KGE receives reports broken down by cost center for evaluating the order processes. The KGE's offer can be adapted and changed by its own employees at any time and is therefore always up to date. An extension of the solution to the university hospital in Hamburg Eppendorf is already in preparation.

"We turned to atlantis dx GmbH in our search for a suitable software solution for recording gastronomic ward requirements in our hospital. We received excellent advice right from the start and within a few weeks we had an operational B2B online shop system that is being used by both our employees and our customers with great satisfaction."

- Sven Harms, management consultant / authorized signatory -

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