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Mounting: Front view of monitor with open online store

OPAL Service GmbH

Order efficient hygiene online: Development of a Shopware online store

Monitor with open online store


Opal's comprehensive range (cleaning agents and disinfectants, but also care products, wound healing products, antiseptics, occupational safety products and accessories such as dispensers and dosing aids) should be easy to find thanks to a clear and functional presentation.

A special feature was to address different customer groups such as private and business customers, public institutions or doctors and wholesalers. Different registration and checkout procedures had to be developed. An adaptation to the CI of the OPAL corporate website paired with a modern and transparent layout that is also easy to display on mobile devices was desired.


OPAL opted for the Shopware online store system as the technical basis for the new hygiene store. Shopware is a future-oriented e-commerce solution with all established standard functions. The open source approach offers openness and transparency in all processes and makes it easy to adapt the design and functions to OPAL's requirements. It is also very user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Technical highlights

  • Query of different user groups (private, business customers, public institutions, doctors, wholesalers), gross/net prices depending on this and effects on fields during registration and checkout
  • Interfaces to logistics and financial accounting service providers
  • Interface for importing product documents from the PIM and displaying them on the product detail page
  • Customized design of invoices and delivery bills that are generated and sent automatically
  • Payment processing via Payone

Unsere Leistungen

  • Entwicklung eines individuellen Layouts passend zur OPAL Corporate Website
  • Anpassung des Layouts für mobile Endgeräte
  • Installation und Implementierung des Onlineshops mit Shopware
Laptop with open online store


Visitors to the store can see at a glance how much OPAL cares about hygiene. The very professional but at the same time bright and friendly first impression is also convincing because at OPAL, hygiene advice comes before sales. The product range is clearly presented and divided into different categories (by area of application, function, sector and brand), which makes it easy to find. There are also various filter functions that can help the customer. The integration of B2B and B2C customers in one store keeps the maintenance effort for OPAL low.

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