Everything you need to know about Magento 2 extensions

Have you successfully completed the Magento installation and now want to expand your online store? Due to the open source approach, the software offers the option of making individual adjustments to your requirements via program extensions. This means that a Magento store offers you maximum flexibility.

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What Magento extensions are available?

For your Magento store system there are free, paid and individual extensions.

The active Magento community has already developed a large number of extensions that you can carefully adapt to your individual requirements. You can find out about available modules on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. It is particularly important that you only use tested extensions so that the functionality of your store is guaranteed at all times.

Why extensions make sense for your online store

The use of the additional modules is aimed at increasing the performance of your store and at the same time improve the customer experience improve the customer experience. The possibilities are almost endless. From extensions for SEO and product recommendations to order tracking and subscription and recurring payment solutions, everything is possible.

Overview: Practical Magento 2 extensions

  • Improved Layered Navigation
    This extension has existed since Magento 1 and adds useful features to the existing filter function, among other things.
    To the Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2
  • Deutsche Post & DHL Shipping
    This module is relevant for all those who use DHL as a shipping partner. It offers an efficient solution for shipping management and makes the shipping process considerably easier.
    To the Shipping Extension for Magento 2
  • Google Page Speed Optimizer
    Optimize the performance of your Magento store to meet Google's requirements while providing your customers with a first-class shopping experience.
    To the Page Speed Optimizer extension
  • Elastic Search
    A powerful extension for a better display of the search function.
    To the Elastic Search extension

Note: If no plugin is available for an individual requirement, specially developed extensions can also be used. As a certified Magento agency, we are in constant contact with the developer community and expand our know-how every day.

Develop extensions yourself

We have already worked with a large number of special cases in our projects and can adapt your Magento store individually to your system landscape. This includes Interfaces to Amazon (AWS) (formerly MWS-API, now new: SP-API) or a special single sign-on extension.

atlantis dx as a service provider for your Magento extensions

Not sure which Magento extensions make sense for your store? As a certified Magento agency, we will be happy to advise you and make your store system even more powerful with extensions. We develop extensions and individual interfaces to other systems and providers and implement already available extensions in your store system. Arrange a free initial free initial consultation - We look forward to your inquiry!

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FAQ about Magento Extensions

Magento extensions are modules that extend your online store. They offer additional functions that are not included in the standard package. With these extensions, you can customize the store to your business needs and add custom features. From payment services to live search, there are a variety of Magento extensions that can improve your shopping experience and make your business processes more efficient.

You can find out about available modules on the Adobe Marketplace. Make sure that you only use tested extensions so that the functionality of your store is guaranteed at all times.

By integrating additional extensions - over and above the standard functions of your store system - you can offer your customers a seamless and appealing shopping experience. An optimized user experience increases customer satisfaction, reduces shopping cart abandonment rates and ultimately leads to higher sales for your online store.

Thanks to its modular structure, the store software can be integrated into complex system landscapes. For example, take advantage of the benefits of Magento und TYPO3 in an online store: you can integrate the TYPO3 content management system into your Magento store system to facilitate the linking and maintenance of editorial content and products.