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Do your sales processes take up too much time? With Sugar Sell, you can automate routine tasks and processes and give your sales staff a comprehensive tool to manage all tasks more efficiently and offer your customers an optimal customer experience. Take your sales to the next level by strengthening your customer relationships and boosting your sales.

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Create exceptional customer relationships with Sugar Sell

Manual data entry is time-consuming, but thanks to Sugar Sell, it's largely a thing of the past so you can focus on your sales. After all, good customer service is the be-all and end-all. Sugar Sell helps you to make sales processes more efficient and save time. Track all customer activities on a central platform and optimize your processes. As a lean and fast solution, Sugar Sell can be flexibly integrated into any system landscape. However, the tool also comes with other comprehensive functions that effectively support your sales.

1. SugarPredict: Make data-based decisions

Look to the future and make the right decisions. With the support of SugarPredict and the use of artificial intelligence, you can take your sales to the next level and gain valuable business-relevant insights. This not only accelerates your sales deals with AI-supported lead conversion and the ideal customer profile (ICP), but also increases your work efficiency.

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2. SugarLive: Interact even better with your customers

Modern customer communication goes far beyond telephone and e-mail contact. Give your customers the opportunity to contact you via different communication channels and combine Sugar and Amazon Connect, for example. SugarLive integrates Amazon's market-leading omnichannel functions and modernizes your customer communication: whether email, web, chat, voice or portal. AI-powered analytics and intelligent call routing are also included in the Sugar platform.

3. SugarBPM: Increase productivity with automated business processes

Create a wealth of SugarBPM-based workflows on a visual design interface using drag-and-drop. Design approval processes, automatically assign your leads to different sales territories or create email templates and much more with just a few clicks.

Screenshot: Workflow der Engine von SugarBPM
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4. Sugar Hint: Let the platform research and collect data

Get relevant customer information from social and business data sources. Sugar Hint collects the data and informs you about important changes in your key accounts so that you can concentrate on the essentials. This allows you to identify up-selling and cross-selling potential at an early stage.

5. Sugar Connect: Connect Office 365 or Google Workspace and manage your customers from anywhere

Connect your CRM system to Office365 or Google Workspace using Sugar Connect and integrate your mailboxes, calendars and documents. This allows you to keep your most important information up to date without manual data entry and retrieve all data in real time.

Screenshot: SugarConnect
Screenshot: KI Leadmanagement Sugar Sell

6. Sugar Automate: Automate processes along the customer journey

Simplify the work of your sales managers and let Sugar Automate record all the touchpoints of a customer on their customer journey - from the first interaction with your company to the conclusion of the purchase. This allows your sales team to contact each customer at the right point in their journey and support them with the right information. The ability to automate recurring workflows in sales and marketing processes ensures that your teams work in a structured and effective way.

7. Renewals Console: Manage subscriptions and renewals

Keep track of your customers' subscriptions and record all important key data - from the product, start date and end date to the duration of the subscription. Make it easier for your sales staff to create quotes for subscription-based products and services with automated workflows and templates.

Screenshot: Sugar Sell Renewal Dashboard

The full range of services offered by Sugar Sell

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Sugar Sell makes your contact information available to all teams across departments in real time and ensures that all employees always have the same level of knowledge. This allows you to keep an eye on your sales processes at all times and guarantee your customers the best possible customer experience.

The tool offers you these other advantages:

  • Comprehensive contact management: Manage all leads, opportunities and accounts in one database.
  • Record customer interactions: Track the customer journey so your sales team makes contact with leads or customers at the right time.
  • Cross-channel communication: Link all your communication channels to the platform using the omnichannel function.
  • Detailed reporting functions: Use customer data to make strategic decisions and keep an eye on key metrics.
  • Clear dashboards: Design the user interface flexibly according to your needs in order to work optimally with the tool.
  • Sales forecasts: Make data-based sales forecasts and optimize your sales cycle.
  • Access from anywhere: The cloud-based software allows you to access your contact data at any time - regardless of location and device.

Your advantages with atlantis dx as a sugar sell expert

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As a certified SugarCRM partner, we have in-depth expertise in the field of customer relationship management and know the software like the back of our hand. We implement your project with commitment and reliability.

With atlantis dx as your competent partner, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • State-of-the-artexpertise: We are a certified SugarCRM partner and regularly train our employees.
  • Many years of experience: We have already successfully completed hundreds of customer experience projects.
  • Advice at eye level: You receive honest and detailed advice from our specialists.
  • Reliable customer service: Quick responses to queries are a matter of course for us.
  • Tailor-made solutions: We create a unique solution that fits your individual requirements.
  • Transparency: We document our results in regular reports so that you always have a full overview of all services provided.

We are satisfied when you are too! For this reason, our aim is to provide you with the best possible advice at all times. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or send us an e-mail - we will take care of your request as quickly as possible.

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Strengthen your sales with atlantis dx and Sugar Sell

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable service provider to support you in the area of customer experience? As a SugarCRM partner, we optimize your sales processes with the right solution. We are also happy to take over the maintenance of your software so that you can concentrate fully on your sales. We look forward to hearing from you!

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FAQ about Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell is a powerful tool in the Sugar Cloud and supports you in sales automation. The software allows you to centrally manage all your contact data, accounts, leads, offers and contracts and has detailed reporting and forecasting functions.

In addition to Sugar Sell, SugarCRM offers other tools in the Sugar Cloud for process optimization. Sugar Market supports you with marketing automation. Sugar Serve helps you to efficiently design and optimize your customer service.

With Sugar Sell, you can automate routine tasks in your sales department, make processes more efficient and thus save time and money. You increase the productivity of your sales staff and discover new potential to sustainably increase your sales thanks to AI-based analyses.