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Sugar Serve - Customer service writ large!

Are customer support and service being neglected in your company? With Sugar Serve and our help, you'll soon be managing customer inquiries via various channels such as phone, email, social media and chat and gaining valuable insights into your target group. This ensures that your customers receive fast and effective support at all times - for satisfied customers and teams.

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4 advantages for your customer service

Maximieren Sie das Kundenerlebnis mit Sugar Serve von SugarCRM: So optimieren und automatisieren Sie Ihre Kundenserviceprozesse, um eine schnelle und effektive Bearbeitung von Anfragen zu gewährleisten. Die Software bietet zahlreiche Vorteile, darunter die Möglichkeit, Kundenserviceprozesse zu automatisieren, Kundenanfragen über verschiedene Kanäle zu verwalten und einen qualitativ hochwertigen Kundenservice anzubieten. Unabhängig von der Größe Ihres Unternehmens unterstützen wir Sie von atlantis dx bei Ihrem Projekt!

1. increase productivity

Are your customer service employees drowning in work? Sugar Serve helps you to work more productively and solve cases more effectively. All the information you need is collected in one central location instead of in different tools. Quickly and easily access customer information, history, product details and other important data when managing customer service requests and save valuable time. By providing your customer service staff with powerful and intuitive software, they work more effectively and your customers are happier in the end.

2. increase customer satisfaction

Your customers prefer different communication channels, but it's not always easy to use them all. Whether telephone, chat, email or self-service offers - with omnichannel engagement, you can reach your customers wherever they are. With this comprehensive customer communication software, you can manage and track all customer inquiries centrally, regardless of the channel through which they are received. Your customers submit their inquiries via their preferred channel, while you can seamlessly access and respond to them without any loss of information or communication delays. This increases their satisfaction and loyalty in the long term.

3. reduce service costs

High-quality customer service is worth its weight in gold: design and automate central processes and customer service to save money. The software makes it possible to automate manual and time-consuming processes and thus reduce the workload of your employees. In addition, processes are handled faster and more efficiently, which in turn shortens the processing time for customer inquiries. Automation also reduces errors and improves compliance.

4. use resources effectively

Use your resources more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and resources. By automating core processes, you ensure that your customers receive a high-quality service based on efficient and cost-effective operations.

Sugar Serve's comprehensive range of services

With Sugar Serve, you write customer experience in capital letters and remain positively in the minds of your customers. But this is just one of the many advantages the tool offers:

  • Communication on all channels: The customer chooses how they prefer to communicate - the omnichannel function makes it possible to link all channels.
  • Clear operation: Your agents are relieved of work steps as the console prioritizes tasks and identifies problems more quickly.
  • SugarPredict sentiment analysis: Your customers' behavior can be easily evaluated using the analysis function.
  • Self-service and knowledge base: You relieve your agents by referring your customers to self-service help. True to the motto: help them to help themselves.
  • Case forwarding: Cases are automatically forwarded so that they are not lost.
  • Identify problem areas: Sugar Serve helps you identify critical areas before further complications arise.

Better customer loyalty with atlantis dx

Are you looking for a reliable partner at your side to support you in the area of customer experience? With our many years of experience, we will take care of your concerns and are always available to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently asked questions about Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve is a powerful, process-oriented support solution in the Sugar Cloud and helps you to implement professional customer service processes.

In addition to Sugar Serve, Sugar CRM offers you further tools to optimize processes in your company. While Sugar Market supports you with marketing automation, Sugar Sell is the perfect addition to your sales process.

With Sugar Serve, you can increase productivity in your company, use your resources effectively and also reduce your service costs. Another advantage of the tool: Customer communication is improved through an omnichannel approach.