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TYPO3 CMS: The advantages and most important functions

In today's digital world, content management systems (CMS for short) are indispensable for companies to create and independently maintain a successful website. As a rule, a website is not just filled with content once and then the project is complete.

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For internet users and search engines alike, the topicality of a website and helpful content play an essential role. Only if a website is up to date and regularly filled with useful content can it achieve a good ranking in the search engines and be visible in the vast jungle of the Internet.

TYPO3 is a very popular CMS for both large corporations and medium-sized companies. In this article, you can find out why this is the case and what advantages TYPO3 offers.

Functions and possibilities of the TYPO3 CMS

If you are looking for a powerful and user-friendly content management system that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, scalability and security, TYPO3 is the ideal solution for your web project. As open-source software, it offers numerous functions and enables both developers and users to manage and update it easily.

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Flexibility and scalability

TYPO3 is extremely flexible and scalable. No matter whether you want to create a simple website for your company or a complex web project with many users and various functions such as e-commerce, user administration and much more. Thanks to the extensive functions that the CMS comes with out of the box and numerous extensions, you can easily adapt your online presence to your individual needs.

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High security

No other CMS offers better security standards than TYPO3. Regular updates keep the system up to date and protect it from hacker attacks. In addition, integrated user and rights management as well as services and guidelines for programmers set up by the TYPO3 developers contribute to a high level of security.

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Easy to use

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, TYPO3 is easy to use even for inexperienced users. Content such as text, images and videos can be intuitively created and designed in the backend using the WYSIWYG editor or drag-and-drop. No programming or design knowledge is required for this, as there is a strict separation of content, structure and design in a CMS.

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Multilingual functions

TYPO3 supports several languages and is therefore particularly interesting for companies that require a multilingual website. The CMS allows you to manage and maintain multilingual websites efficiently. The backend is also available in various languages, which makes it easier for international teams to work together on a web project.

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A selection of plugins and extensions offers a wide range of additional functions. These enable companies to adapt their websites to their specific requirements. Customized solutions can also be integrated into the CMS. The possibilities for additional functions are therefore almost unlimited.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

A visually appealing website with interesting content is useless if it cannot be found. TYPO3 already provides a range of SEO tools as standard. With these tools, even inexperienced users can optimize their pages for the search engine. In addition to free tools, there are a large number of paid extensions with extended functions.

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Extensive user and rights management

Several people often work on a web project. TYPO3 simplifies this collaboration and enables individual adjustment of access and editing rights for different user groups in the so-called backend. Website administrators determine in detail who can view and edit which content and sections. They can also use these functions to conveniently implement workflows for tests, approvals or the publication of content.

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Integration with systems and other tools

Numerous systems and tools can be seamlessly connected to TYPO3. You can connect your CMS with your social media profiles, CRM systems, e-commerce platforms and many other tools to create an efficient and cross-platform workflow.

Summary: All the advantages of TYPO3

  • User-friendly interface and operability
  • No programming or design knowledge required
  • Scalability and flexibility thanks to numerous extensions
  • High security standards
  • Multilingual websites (frontend & backend)
  • Responsive design (optimized for mobile devices)
  • Extensive websites and complex projects - but also smaller websites
  • Individual websites thanks to a wide range of options for design and functionality
  • Large number of connections for different systems and tools
  • Convenient user and rights management
  • Useful SEO tools integrated for search engine optimization

Start your TYPO3 CMS web project with atlantis dx

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TYPO3 is a very powerful and customizable content management system that allows users to easily manage and update their website. Do you want to know whether TYPO3 is also suitable for your web project or are you thinking about switching from another CMS?

As a TYPO3 agency with many years of experience in the field of content management, we at atlantis dx will be happy to advise you to find the optimum solution for your individual project. We can also help you with the implementation of your TYPO3 website and take care of regular maintenance - you can count on our expert support at any time.

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FAQs on TYPO3 advantages

TYPO3 is an open source content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites based on the PHP programming language. Due to its extensive and freely expandable functions, it is ideal for web solutions.

The user-friendly interface of the TYPO3 CMS allows users to add, edit and delete content easily. Tools such as module, template and plugin managers are available for site administration. These help users to customize their website.

TYPO3 CMS is suitable for different types of websites, from simple corporate websites to complex e-commerce sites. The CMS is especially designed for more complex web projects that are multilingual or require high scalability.