Zendesk explained: How the customer support tool works!

Zendesk is one of the most popular platforms for automating customer support. But what advantages does Zendesk offer your company and how does the software actually work? We answer these questions in the following blog post.

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All about Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer support platform that offers numerous options for communicating with your customers. As a cloud-based system, it is used for customer support. Zendesk combines all communication channels to get in touch with your customers and makes customer support much easier for your agents.

How does Zendesk work?

Zendesk offers support on all channels, for example via messaging, live chat, social media, email, telephone, personalized support, help center/community forum and AI-supported bots. But how does Zendesk combine all these aspects and what makes the platform so special?


Ticket system for a better overview

The basis of Zendesk is a ticket system. The system automatically creates tickets for all your customers' support requests. It bundles all requests from the various channels and displays them clearly for you.

The existing tickets can be processed according to specific rules, workflows or employee skills, for example. In this way, Zendesk makes customer support easier for your employees and makes work processes more efficient, faster and more agile. Customer satisfaction improves because you can answer inquiries more quickly and resolve problems more quickly.


Zendesk recognizes the language of your target customers and adapts the tickets accordingly. This saves your agents the translation work and your customers receive the service in the right language.


Zendesk combines all of the above functions. In order to maintain an overview, there is a so-called performance dashboard. This makes it easier to identify and resolve your customers' problems, which significantly improves the customer experience. Productivity is also increased because you always have an overview of the performance metrics. This ensures a user-friendly presentation, saves time and is clearly laid out.

Zendesk chat for fast communication

Zendesk enables fast communication with customers by integrating a live chat that uses a chatbot. The chatbot answers the questions itself or forwards them to the employees. This allows customers to contact support staff quickly and easily with urgent questions. The efficiency of agents increases as they are able to process a higher number of customers at the same time by displaying tickets.

Call center

Zendesk not only combines indirect communication, it can also be connected to a call center. Thanks to the omnichannel methodology, all communication channels are combined and customers are efficiently connected with the agents and receive the support they need.

Knowledge is power

Another feature of Zendesk is a knowledge base software that helps you create, organize and share support content with your employees, specific customers or the public. An example of this is a FAQ page or glossary. Zendesk helps you to automate these so that your customers can find answers to their questions quickly. This is accomplished by using AI tools that process Zendesk tickets by routing them to helpful knowledge base articles or, depending on the issue, directly to a support agent.

Connection with other systems

Zendesk can be easily linked with other apps to extend the existing functions and adapt the system to your company.

Advantages of Zendesk

Now that you know what Zendesk offers and how it works, are you wondering if it's worth it for your business? We can't answer that question, but we can give you some advantages:

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  • Compatibility:
    Zendesk is compatible with mobile devices - even with the Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Cloud system:
    As Zendesk is cloud-based, you can access it from any location and on any device.
  • Task management:
    Zendesk not only has the customer support function, but also the organization, management and structuring of tasks.
  • Help center/knowledge base:
    To improve customer service, Zendesk also offers knowledge management supported by AI tools.
  • Customizable:
    Changing and customizing features is easy, allowing you to tailor customer support to your business.
  • Dashboard/ticket system:
    Operation is clear and user-friendly.
  • Support on all channels:
    Expand your customer service with Zendesk's comprehensive offering - support on all channels.
  • No translation required:
    Automatic language adaptation helps the agent to work through the process.

Frequently asked questions about Zendesk

Zendesk is very user-friendly and clear. It is based on a cloud and uses a ticket system. Zendesk connects all customer communication channels.

Zendesk offers a number of advantages because it is location-independent and device-independent, as well as being flexibly scalable and therefore very adaptable.