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Freshdesk vs. Zendesk - helpdesk software in comparison

As a business, it's important to provide excellent customer service to effectively help with problems and queries. Helpdesk software is therefore an indispensable tool to make customer support as efficient as possible, to support your service agents in their day-to-day business and to grow through customized customer retention measures.

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Freshdesk and Zendesk are currently among the most popular solutions on the market. But which tool is the better choice? In this article, we take a close look at the two market-leading systems.

What sets Zendesk apart?

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Zendesk was founded in the USA in 2007 and has a large number of customers worldwide. Many well-known companies already rely on the Zendesk helpdesk software, including Tesco, Netflix and Uber. The platform is known for its scalable and adaptable software, which has countless functions and therefore adapts perfectly to a company's requirements. Zendesk is also particularly suitable for companies that primarily offer telephone support, as the platform has advanced calling functions.

What makes Freshdesk special?

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Freshdesk was founded in India in 2010 and is also used worldwide. The tool attaches great importance to a balanced price-performance ratio and offers a free version with basic functions. For this reason, the helpdesk software is particularly popular with small companies and freelancers who need an affordable solution for their customer management.

Freshdesk vs. Zendesk: a comprehensive comparison

Both platforms offer a variety of features to help companies with their customer support and ensure cross-departmental collaboration between teams. Which helpdesk software is right for your business depends on your individual requirements. In the following sections, we examine the most important criteria and differences between Freshdesk vs Zendesk.

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User interface

Both systems offer an intuitive user interface that is easy for users to navigate. However, Freshdesk has a somewhat clearer and more user-friendly design than Zendesk. Accessing certain functions is quicker and easier with Freshdesk, whereas Zendesk requires a longer training period to exploit the software's full potential.


Price is an important factor for many companies when deciding on helpdesk software. However, the focus should always be on the specific requirements and desired features. Freshdesk offers several pricing plans tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes. There is a free entry-level model that includes a few basic functions. In addition, Freshdesk offers different plans in a variable price range per month and employee. Zendesk, on the other hand, is more expensive, with pricing varying according to company size and range of functions.

Both helpdesk solutions are available as a free trial so that companies can familiarize themselves with the software and its scope in advance. If you are a small business and don't want to spend a lot of money on a customer service platform, Freshdesk is the better choice.

Range of functions

Both platforms offer a wide range of customer service functions, including ticket management, live chat and messaging tools: Ticket management, live chat and messaging tools, social media integrations and analysis and reporting functions. Which functions are included varies depending on the plan selected. The cheaper tariffs include fewer functions overall than the professional plans. You should therefore carefully consider which price model best suits your requirements based on its range of functions.

In terms of functions, however, Zendesk clearly has the edge. The customer service software is significantly more powerful and offers considerably more functions than the cheaper Freshdesk variant.


When choosing a customer service platform, you should check in advance whether the software can be seamlessly connected to your existing systems. Both tools offer a range of integrations, including connections to CRM systems such as SugarCRM, marketing automation platforms (e.g. Sugar Market) or e-commerce solutions(Shopware, Magento).

The Zendesk or Freshdesk Marketplace enables easy integration of the apps. More than 1,300 integrations are available for Zendesk and around 1,000 applications for Freshdesk. Here too, the provider Zendesk performs better in a direct comparison.

Customer support

Both Zendesk and Freshdesk offer extensive support options for customers, including knowledge bases, community forums, live chat features and 24/7 phone support. Zendesk's Guide Lite option offers comprehensive onboarding with guides to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform. Freshdesk offers its customers a self-service option. Users have access to a knowledge database and a community forum.

Freshdesk vs. Zendesk at a glance



cloud based





Variable price model depending on the selected plan per month and employee.


Variable pricing model based on the selected plan per month and per employee.



Over 1,000 integrations with third-party software


Over 1,300 integrations with third-party software

Customizability and scalability


Limited customizability and scalability


Extremely high customizability and scalability

Data and analytics


One report per month in the free version; detailed reports only in the paid plans


Customized analyses only available in the Professional and Enterprise plans

Knowledge databases


External and internal knowledge databases available in every plan


External and internal knowledge bases only in Suite and Enterprise plans

Support channels


  • e-mail
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telephone
  • Help widget
  • Website forms
  • Self-Service


  • e-mail
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Help widget
  • Website forms
  • Self-service
  • Live chat

Customer service


  • e-mail
  • FAQ
  • Community forum
  • Knowledge base
  • Telephone support
  • 24/7 live support
  • chat


  • e-Mail
  • FAQ
  • Community Forum
  • Knowledge base
  • Telephone support
  • 24/7 live support
  • chat
  • Guide Lite
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Both Zendesk and Freshdesk make it easier for all teams in your company to work together. Before you decide on a helpdesk platform, you should take a close look at the range of functions and possible integrations. For small businesses and start-ups that don't want to spend a lot of money on helpdesk software, Freshdesk is an excellent solution. Larger companies that want software that will keep pace with their growth are better off with Zendesk. This scalable solution gives companies maximum flexibility and offers a wide range of features and integrations. With Zendesk, you can provide your employees with all the tools they need to collaborate across departments.

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We at atlantis dx are specialists in the field of customer experience and data management. Are you looking for suitable helpdesk software for your company or do you want to switch to a different system? We will be happy to support you on your way and advise you in detail to find the right solution for your company and your specific requirements!

As a certified Zendesk partner, we have extensive know-how and years of experience in working with the Zendesk helpdesk software. We know how to make full use of the tool's functions and enable smooth collaboration between all of your company's employees through the use of efficient workflows. We provide you with an all-round carefree package that goes beyond consulting and setting up your Zendesk software and also includes ongoing support for questions and problems.

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Frequently asked questions about the comparison of Freshdesk and Zendesk

Freshdesk and Zendesk are cloud-based helpdesk software that supports companies by providing various tools for customer service. The platforms simplify all customer service processes, help to strengthen customer loyalty and increase the productivity of support staff through automated workflows.

Zendesk and Freshdesk offer a range of features. The most similar functions are

  • Ticket management
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Live chat function
  • Self-service portal
  • Workflow configuration
  • Reporting / Analysis
  • Customizable reports

However, Zendesk offers a much wider range of functions than Freshdesk. The following functions are only available with Zendesk:

  • Automatic responses
  • Extended call center functions
  • Batch data communication
  • On-demand communication
  • SMS messaging
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Lead and customer management
  • Campaign management
  • More comprehensive analysis and reporting tools
  • More integration options for third-party providers

Both Freshdesk and Zendesk are easy to use and offer an intuitive user interface. However, Freshdesk is known for its simple configuration, while Zendesk has a steeper learning curve.